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We welcome and honor you as a being of Light and hope that the information and services we offer may assist you on your journey toward self-realization and awakening.

         Linda & Martin


Channeling facilitates a conscious communication with higher-vibrational Beings of Light. Linda Stein-Luthke has over 25 years of experience in conscious communication with Beings of Light, most frequently from the Ascended Master realm, who can assist you in areas where you wish to attain greater awareness and illumination. Not only will you be having a direct experience of conscious communication with these frequencies, but you will also experience -- if you wish -- the healing radiance of these beings as they are working within you. Click here for more information.

Books and E-Books: Linda and Martin have written 13 books in the areas of spirituality, applied metaphysics, psychology/self-help, and channeled writings. Currently, seven of these titles are  available in hardcopy (through Amazon and other outlets); all titles are available instantly and worldwide as E-Books in the format of your choice -- at an affordable price! Click here for more information.

Psychoenergetic Healing is an advanced energy-based healing method that has proven successful for the healing of physical issues, pain, trauma (including past-life trauma), fear, anger, addictions, depression, relationship issues, and many other concerns. It is higher-dimensional, very effective work which can be done in-person or over the phone. Click here for more information.

Training and Seminars: We offer training in Psychoenergetic Healing and Psychic Development as well as seminars and classes on a variety of topics. Click here for more information.

Metaphysical Training as offered by Linda Stein-Luthke emphasizes self-empowerment and self-actualization of her clients or “fellow travelers on the path.” She helps you to know where the blocks to inner growth exist and to learn the tools to dissolve these barriers to become a whole, integrated being. This process allows you to know and love all that is human in yourself and others and then leads you to a fuller awareness of your potential as a Divine as well as human being. Click here for more information.

Body Scanning is similar to a “psychic X-ray” through which Linda Stein-Luthke can  assess your state of health. The intuitive information Linda perceives may lead to  recommendations regarding your diet, lifestyle, supplementation, or medical follow-up. Please note that this service is not a medical diagnosis or treatment. Click here for more information.

Ascended Masters Newsletter: Periodically, we publish a free newsletter with two types of content: (1) channeled material from the Ascended Masters; and (2) announcements about new books, workshops, services or other items of interest. Click here for more information. Previously published newsletters can be downloaded here.

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