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Psychoenergetic Healing

BeyondBook-smallA Brief Synopsis

Psychoenergetic Healing is an advanced, energy-based method of psychotherapy and healing. Its scope and depth go beyond traditional psychotherapy, as it can also be used for physical healing as well as the healing of relationships, past-life trauma, and karmic entanglements.

Psychoenergetic Healing is a safe, effective, and efficient process. In each session the client will experience a noticeable change or shift.

Psychoenergetic Healing is a collaborative process between the client, practitioner, and higher-vibrational energies or beings of Light.

During the initial portion of the session, client and practitioner talk about issues the client would like to address. Then the practitioner guides the client into a heightened state of awareness called Inner Space which allows the client to observe the flow of energies within. As he or she describes the perceptions in Inner Space, the practitioner guides the client’s awareness to any areas that indicate energetic disturbances. Such areas may contain unresolved feelings, negative thought forms or memories, energetic scar tissue, or other obstructions to the flow. Once the client has opened to an awareness of the information contained in those “blocks,” higher-vibrational healing begins instantaneously – a process that can be observed by the client while in Inner Space. In addition to the resolution of discomfort, a sense of love, peace, or spiritual bliss are also common experiences in Inner Space.

This “psychological X-ray technique” allows an awareness of the deeper energetic roots of a person’s issues or discomfort, far beyond the surface layers of the human mind. When “talking about it” is not enough, Psychoenergetic Healing can bring you the healing you desire – safely, lovingly, and effectively.

Searching for Better Ways

Can you imagine the practice of medicine before the invention of X-ray machines or microscopes? Would you want to refer someone to a doctor who refuses to consider anything that is not visible to the naked eye? The field of psychotherapy, as it is taught in graduate school today, can be likened to the practice of medicine based on a 19th-century view of the world. While there are many fine, traditionally-trained psychotherapists out there, psychotherapy is still very much a “hit or miss” endeavor.

We propose that the practice of psychotherapy (and healing in general) cannot advance significantly without a shift in paradigm, i.e., a fundamental reorientation. Within the established paradigm there is no convincing explanation for phenomena such as the placebo effect, “spontaneous” remissions, psychosomatic illnesses, “miracle cures,” healing through prayer or touch, etc. As long as the premises of the healing arts are based on a material or mental - rather than energetic - understanding of reality, their efforts resemble attempts to assemble a million-piece puzzle without an idea of the larger picture. In the final analysis, scientific “progress” based on a misunderstanding is like getting better at “barking up the wrong tree.”

Psychoenergetic Healing is based on a “new” paradigm that is compatible with ancient wisdom teachings as well as modern sciences. Leading-edge physicists have now come to insights similar to those of ancient mystics: All there is, all matter and all of Creation, is “patterned” energy, vibrating to specific frequencies that distinguish one manifestation of energy from another.

What is Psychoenergetic Healing?

All psychological manifestations, such as thoughts, feelings, and behavior patterns, are also “patterned” energy. Effective psychological healing, regardless of the method or technique, occurs when there is a change in the basic energies that charge our feelings, thoughts, memories and habits. While all psychotherapeutic methods are intended to produce such healing, most do not target the energetic level directly.

Psychoenergetic Healing takes into account the fact that human beings are not only physical, emotional, and mental beings, but also, and most essentially, spiritual beings. This truth is not a mere statement of faith; it can be experienced in a direct, tangible manner. No matter what names or interpretations we prefer, a spiritual, healing energy, or Light , can be accessed by all human beings regardless of our belief systems and can be utilized effectively for healing on all levels.

The practitioner of Psychoenergetic Healing uses a variety of techniques that affect the mental and emotional energies on a fundamental level, thus going directly to the source of the individual’s discomfort. While going to the core of the matter may be a frightening thought to many, it is actually a very healing, safe, efficient, and effective method that does not require the unbuffered reliving of traumatic memories or painful feelings.

What Happens in a Typical Session?

What happens in a session is very much guided by the individual’s issues and needs, making each session a unique experience. Most sessions include elements of traditional “talking therapy,” expanded upon with work performed in an altered state of consciousness we call Inner Space where the client can experience the richness of his or her multidimensional nature. Facilitated by the therapist, the client achieves a heightened state of consciousness in which he or she may become aware of colors, images, thoughts, memories, feelings, or physical sensations, such as pain, heat, weight, etc. The range of experiences in Inner Space is virtually unlimited and may include an awareness of past lives, other dimensions, the presence of beings of Light, and more.

While each client has a different experience, all are able to perceive the flow of energies within. These inner perceptions then guide the course of the healing work. Using what could be called a “psychological X-ray technique,” the client can become aware of the core issue and then observe the process of healing on an energetic level as it is occurring. Although getting in touch with painful feelings or experiences may cause some temporary discomfort, an energetic shift and tangible relief can often be felt within minutes. Because the client has control over his or her Inner Space and all therapeutic interventions are guided by the client’s inner perceptions, this approach to healing is experienced as empowering and safe.

Who Can Benefit From Psychoenergetic Healing?

Our experience has shown that Psychoenergetic Healing can be an effective approach regardless of the presenting problem, as all thoughts, memories, feelings, and habits exist as “patterned” energies and can be treated as such. Psychoenergetic Healing has been successfully applied to a wide variety of issues, including anger, fear, depression, addictions, sexual issues, co-dependency, low self-esteem, traumatic experiences, psychosomatic illnesses, pain, grieving and loss, etc. Clients of all ages, including children and adolescents, have benefited greatly from Psychoenergetic Healing, regardless of their belief systems or prior experience with energy-based healing.

Most of us are not consciously aware of the subtle energies that fuel our behaviors and states of mind at all times, and yet we all have noticed emotional energies in action, such as when we experience intense anger, fear, or resentment. If we do not release and balance negative emotions properly, but instead “sweep them under the rug,” they may linger in our emotional body for an unlimited time, causing further disturbance. They may even manifest in physical disease. To gain or maintain a state of harmony and health, it is essential to attend to emotional disharmonies, resolve inner conflicts, and release traumatic memories.

Many of our clients have already accomplished a significant amount of inner work, be it emotional or spiritual in nature, and desire to further their growth by addressing those issues that previously seemed intractable. Thus, to benefit from Psychoenergetic Healing, a commitment to growth can be more relevant than the nature of the problem or whether it fits into any traditional diagnostic pigeonhole.

Psychoenergetic Healing – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can’t come to your office in person. Do you offer phone sessions?

A: Yes, we often do our work over the phone (or the Internet) – and have found this to work really well. And, in most cases, there will be no long-distance costs to you!

Q: I have some long-standing physical pain. Can Psychoenergetic Healing help with that?

A: While no one can promise you certain results, Psychoenergetic Healing has proven to be very helpful in resolving acute or chronic pain. We have worked successfully with any conceivable kind and source of pain, including injuries, post-surgical pain, headaches, backaches, etc.

Q: I will be undergoing surgery soon. Can your work help me with that experience?

A: Yes, when clients undergo surgery or other invasive medical procedures we like to “prepare the stage” ahead of time and then follow-up with healing work on the physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of the procedure. Many clients have reported that this made a great deal of difference in how they got through the experience.

Q: My fourteen-year old has been really angry and withdrawn lately. I don’t think he’d talk with a therapist. How could we help him?

A: In such situations we have worked very successfully through the parent without the child ever having a conscious awareness of the healing that has taken place. This is a special application of Psychoenergetic Healing which can have very beneficial results.

Q: My seven-year old daughter was molested by a neighbor. She doesn’t want to talk about it, so I’m not sure if I should take her to a counselor. Do you work with children who have been traumatized?

A: We work with children of any age, either in person or through a parent. In either case it would NOT be necessary to rehash the details of the events and, in the process, possibly re-traumatize the child. Even the most traumatic events (e.g., sexual or physical abuse; accidents or injuries; medical trauma; loss, etc.) can be healed. In fact, children tend to respond very well to energy-based healing.

Q: From my reaction to certain movies and books and some dreams I had I feel that I lived during the Civil War era – I can’t shake my feelings about it but also can’t get clarity on what happened.

A: We often get into past lives when we work with clients. Frequently, there were pivotal or traumatic experiences that are being brought up through dreams, physical symptoms, emotional reactions, stuck patterns, etc. We can certainly get to the bottom of this and help you heal whatever it is that is echoing into your present life from the past. This can be a very powerful and healing experience!

Q: My mother died a few years ago and yet I feel I still have unfinished business with her. She comes to me in my dreams and I wish I could speak with her and come to some closure.

A: Psychoenergetic Healing operates on the non-material planes outside time and space. Thus, it is easily possible to connect with a departed loved-one and to work through the unfinished business and to achieve lasting peace and resolution. This can be done regardless on which plane the relationship resides.

Q: I have often thought that I might have been sexually abused as a child but I can’t put a finger on it; I feel I need to heal whatever happened but I’m also scared to open a whole can of worms I may not be able to handle.

A: All healing is possible. We have worked with numerous clients who have had a history of sexual or other abuse – and it doesn’t need to be terribly painful, debilitating, or drawn-out. Energy-based healing can side-step the question of “accurate memories” and bring about deep and lasting healing without this process turning into a protracted ordeal.

Q: How many sessions of Psychoenergetic Healing do I need to have?

A: This is a difficult question to answer. It all depends on the areas you wish to work on. Some clients want to resolve just one or two critical issues – which can often be done in only a few sessions. Others wish to heal and grow beyond “issues” into their full potential; they may chose a greater number of sessions or a longer timeframe.

Q: Do you offer training in Psychoenergetic Healing?

A: Yes, the Institute of Psychoenergetic Healing offers training in this advanced modality. Please contact us for details.

Q: I may have some more questions. Can I talk with you about my situation before I decide to set up an appointment?

A: We’d be happy to answer your questions over the phone or via e-mail. You may write Dr. Martin Luthke or Linda Stein-Luthke at expansion@u-r-light.org. 

If you wish to learn how to become a practitioner, please click on Training and Seminars.


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